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Teachers may apply for funding for an innovative project or for the improvement of an established or traditional practice. The Glassboro Education Foundation is particularly interested in projects that inject a creative and interesting approach to meeting a perceived need.

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Selected Past Grants

Grant Name School & Sponsors Date Awarded Amount Description
Advancing Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Mathematics (S.T.E.A.M.) Education from Glassboro's Classrooms to the Real World Joseph Bell and Susan Powers, Glassboro High School Spring 2023 $4,176.29
Hands on Chemistry through Modeling Joseph Bell, Glassboro High School Fall 2022 $2,226.60
Podcasting with Kids--Hear Us Mary Aruffo, Bowe School Fall 2021 $400.00
Diversity Libraries for English Language Learners Christina Gennaoui, Glassboro Intermediate School Fall 2021 $1,970.65
Resource for Special Education Classrooms Samantha Shoemaker, Glassboro High School Spring 2020 $1,400.00
Texas Instrument Graphing Calculators Samantha Shoemaker, Glassboro High School Spring 2020 $1,464.00
LEER- Using Sustained Silent Reading to Promote Literacy in Spanish Class Rachael Melecio, Glassboro High School Fall 2019 $1,465.09
Mindfulness and Social Emotional Learning in Education Margaret Mattioli, Glassboro High School Spring 2019 $2,000.00
Dual Bilingual Text to Improve Family Involvement Simone Marques & Lynn McConnell, Bullock School Spring 2019 $1,903.35
Social Emotional Learning Center Janice Roper & MollyAnne Stevenson, Bowe School Spring 2019 $1,337.35
The Write Stuff Published Book Project Heather Rittman & Cynthia Wiggins, Bowe School Fall 2018 $304.97
Make Einsteins with Albert Christopher Wood, Glassboro High School Fall 2018 $1,200.00
Let Girls Be Girls Mary Aruffo, Bowe School Fall 2018 $938.56
Standing for Success Vanessa Poggioli & Karen Pescatore, Bowe School Spring 2018 $1,781.45
Family Book Clubs Cheryl Tartaglione, Bullock School Fall 2017 $2,000.00
The Write Stuff Published Book Project Heather Butler & Cynthia Wiggins, Bowe School Fall 2017 $279.47
Going Green in 2017 Lisa Montana, 7th & 8th Grade Science, Intermediate School Spring 2017 $1,781.25
Painting from a New Perspective: Adventures with Google Tilt Brush Caitlin Clements, Glassboro High School Spring 2017 $1,705.96
Connecting Generations Patricia Paulsen, Bullock School Fall 2016 $900.00
Book and Cook- Bringing Books to Life Karen Peale, Bullock School Fall 2016 $1,000.00
Hurricane: Lights Out Donna Romalino and Third Grade/Special Ed Teachers, Bullock School Spring 2015 $2,000.00
Creative Compositions and Exploration With Music Technology Katharine Baer, Intermediate School Spring 2015 $1,988.00
Science Initiative Alisa McDermott & Erin Pimpinella, Rodgers School Fall 2014 $2,004.00
Bulldogs United Through Diversity Jacquelyn Spears & Denise Barr, Intermediate School Spring 2014 $2,000.00
Art Club Project: Art and the Community Wanda Chudzinski & Eileen Miller, Intermediate School Spring 2014 $1,928.50
Early Childhood Instrumental Program Mary Shipley, Rodgers School Fall 2013
Interactive Book Clubs; The Dot Project; Mad, Mad Treasure Hunt Donna Romalino, Bullock School Fall 2013 $2,123.00
Early Childhood Instrumental Program Mary Shipley Oct-2013
Interactive Book Clubs, The Dot Project and Mad, Mad Treasure Hunt Donna Romalino Oct-2013 $2,123
Siftables-Multi-sensory Tools for Reading Cheryl Tartaglione Oct-2013 $438
Mentor Program for At-Risk Girls (GLOW) Danielle Fiscella Oct-2013 $883
JETS Team Sponsorship Glassboro High School JETS Team May-2013 $1,500.00 Subsidized JETS team trip to national engineering competition.
Find Your Nook In A Book Sonya Harris Jan-2013 $1,594.00 Program to supply Nook e-readers for students.
Interactive Book Clubs, The Dot Project and Mad, Mad Treasure Hunt Donna Romalino Jan-2013 $2,123
Fun Fluency A La Carte! Roma Johnson Jan-2013 $1,354
Multicultural Reading Program Maureen Morrison Jan-2013 $1,230
Early Intervention Program Amanda Brice Jan-2013 $1,000
Seeds to Success Farmstand  Glassboro High School
Kim Syversten
Jul-2011 $1,250.00 Program to build job experience and training for special needs students through running a summer farmstand.
Books on Nooks Glassboro High School
Linda Rorer
Jan-2011 $1,500.00 Program to increase reading interest and frequency using Nooks.  Students familiar with electronic devices and books less expensive as downloads.
Fitness Award Program Glassboro High School
Lynlee Phillips
Feb-2010 $2,000.00 Re-starts the Presidential Fitness Challenge.  Recognition program for best and improved perfomances.
Developing Self-Esteem Glassboro Intermediate
Pat Schmus
Oct-2009 $923.90 Establishes group of 6th-8th grade girls to problem solve issues related to boosting self-esteem.  (Examples - healthy eating habits, appearance.)
Parents as Partners Genesis
Kelly Franklin Moxie
Mar-2009 $6,750.00 Continues summer enrichment program for Genesis kids and involves parents with kids in educational trips and follow-up learning.  TD Foundation donated $5000, the GEF provided matching grant.
Bulldog Service Project Glassboro Intermediate
Ivanetta Jones
Dave Davenport
Feb-2009 $2,000.00 Provides "at-risk" students with opportunity to participate in class activities through earning opportunities in the community.  Purposes are to teach positive solutions and to involve in class/community activities.
Confident People Read Glassboro Intermediate
Charla Blum-Zeck
Steve Behl
Feb-2009 $1,988.00 Students who can read often have difficulty responding to literature and feeling confident about their reading.  Project will split students into gender-specific groups to read books with high interest levels, Group discussion to build confidence and ongoing reading interest to follow.
Low-Cost Nutritious Meals Glassboro Intermediate
Karen Peale
Feb-2009 $1,200.00 Problem is poor nutrition/eating habits influence student performance.  Objective is to form group of disadvantaged children to learn how to make nutritious foods on a budget.
Spanish Student Exchange Program Glassboro High School
Patricia Yanez
Dec-2007 $2,000.00 The high school Spanish students wanted to start a Spanish student exchange program (similar to the French program).  The grant provided seed funding for the first exchange group.
Arts & Crafting Club Glassboro Intermediate
Wanda Chudzinski
Mary Ann Evans
Dec-2007 $2,000.00 The program objective was to start a club in which interested students would learn arts and crafting skills and the career/business potential of crafting.
Readers Theater Bullock School
Steven Hempel
Dec-2007 $2,000.00 The program objective was to improve reading/reading aloud skills by combining with theatrical activities.  The funding provided classroom tools and financial assistance for a culminating trip to a theatrical presentation.
Summer School Enrichment Genesis
Pat Thompson
Jun-2006 $1,000.00 Program to continue school year program and increase experiences of pre-school children through field trips.
It’s a Big World After All Genesis
Pat Thompson
Dec-2005 $2,797.96 Program to increase experiences of pre-school children through field trips with planned learning activities around trips.  
Let Girls Be Girls Bowe School
Tameka McNeill
Evan Rosario
Dec-2005 $2,000.00 Program to improve self-confidence and self-esteem for girls.  Will include after school activities, speakers. 
KICKS: Kids Choosing Health Rodgers School
Wendy Atkinson
Feb-2005 $1,250.00 Program to provide education on healthy habits including nutrition and sleep
Chicken Soup: Nourishment for Young Minds Intermediate School
Ivanetta Jones
Kathleen McKinney
Feb-2005 $2,000.00 Program to improve self-esteem through developing behavior, anger management, time management, nutrition, and appropriate dress strategies
Success for ESL Students in Content Areas Glassboro High School
Maureen Morrison
Feb-2005 $1,282.00 Pilot program using “super pen” language translators.  Objective is to improve learning performance of “English as a second language” students in the high school.  Program includes learning strategies using translation pens. 
Babysitting Training Classes Bowe School Jan-2004 $985.00 Program to teach Bowe School students baby-sitting skills, including emergency handling.  Teaching resources include American Red Cross and Gloucester County Library. grant award.
Student Portfolios—Preparing for “Career Management”,  Glassboro High School Jan-2004 $1,250.00 Pilot program to initiate personal portfolios for students as life-long tool for managing their careers.  Grant provided funding for portion of senior class to develop portfolios to determine effectiveness.  
Food for Thought Genesis
Pat Thompson
Jan-2003 $1,000.00 Program for parents of Genesis students/potential Genesis students to improve parenting skills.  Parenting for children from birth to age five will be including in program curriculum.  
Interactive Learning Bowe School
Tameka McNeill
Marilyn Watts
Jan-2003 $1,000.00  
Accelerated Math Program Shelley Petrozza Jan-2003 $1,000.00  
Heritage Celebration Glassboro High School
Jan Breen
Jan-2003 $1,000.00 Program to develop an interview and photographic history of Glassboro for inclusion in the high school curriculum.  Objectives are to create the history and celebrate the diversity of Glassboro.  
Robotics in the Classroom Intermediate School
Kathleen Jordan
Jan-2003 $700.00 Program to pilot introduction of robotics building in science classes in Intermediate School.  Grant provided robotics kits
Equity for At-Risk Students in District Science Fair Intermediate School
Grace Ehrlichman
Jan-2003 $300.00 Program to increase at-risk students’ participation in the annual district science fair.  Grant provided supplies for at-risk students to develop science fair submissions.  


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Teachers may apply for funding for an innovative project or for the improvement of an established or traditional practice. Click Here for more details and to apply.

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